How We Work

Once given a role we run to a proven Formula, the 3 S’s


At  PDR we use a blend of both traditional and modern solutions to source the best possible applicants for you .

Web advertising is paramount to our success  and we use a variety of  job boards to attract our candidates.  The diversity and flexibility of these boards allows us to ramp up advertising and applicant attraction to suit your needs. Below are some of the methods that we can utilise

  • CV searching, looking directly into databases to find people
  • Watchdogs , tagging key words to ensure new applicants come straight to us
  • Hot Job Advertising.  Posting the vacancy on the front of the website
  • Referrals and word of mouth recommendations this is very useful when we are recruiting for multiple positions.
  • Head Hunting.  We will undertake when appropriate to source candidates directly for you


Once a talent pool has been identified individuals are phoned and a brief phone interview takes place to ensure that certain key criteria are met, ability to get to the job, ability to start within guidelines and ability to complete the booking assignment.

We will at this stage ask qualifying questions with regards to the previous duties they have undertaken and transferable skills that they possess. 

If the caadidate can satisfy us that they could be suitable for the role they are then asked in for the full registration process.



Before submission we undertake wherever possible to meet our candidates on a face to face basis , if this is not possible we will try to contact them via Skype or inform you that the candidate has not been seen.

The face to face process starts with the completion of  paperwork, checking the candidates ability to work in the UK and  complying to all appropriate legislation.

Carrying out where appropriate assessments to ensure that candidates are capable of achieving the duties required by the client

A 30 minute interview  then takes place checking experience and skills as well as gaining a full picture of their, qualities, aspirations and overall suitability.

Finally we go through a question and answer session based the criteria laid down by the client to assess  specific skills laid out in the job specification.

At this point and this point only we would submit those candidates that we feel best fits the role on offer, having used our expertise and industry knowledge to evaluate each candidate