Sectors and Locations

Getting the right agency to work with you is essential in helping you find the right candidate, often you will hear the word specialised and can be tempted to focus your process in that direction.

 At PDR we specialise in working with our clients whatever the role and as an independent recruiter  have the tools to maximise our  efforts on your behalf.  However as a guide we have successfully helped our clients find people in the following sectors.

Job Sectors

  • Accountancy, Banking and Finance
  • Law and supporting Services
  • Marketing, Advertising and PR
  • Business, Consulting and Management
  • Media and Publishing
  • Charities and Voluntary work
  • Property and Construction
  • Public sector
  • Recruitment and HR
  • Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Sales
  • Environmental
  • Science and Pharmaceuticals
  • Health and Social care
  • Teaching and Education
  • Transport and Logistics
  • IT and information services


  • Kent
  • Sussex
  • London
  • Essex


As a Kent based agency our  quickest results are those that are closest to home as it  aids in the registration and interview processes  but we have successfully helped our Local Clients recruit all over the country and indeed abroad on the odd occasion.